Hello Card  -  Volume 24  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Mon, Apr 20, 1992 3:25 PM

Issue 24 is, I think, a rather quiet, unassuming little issue. We have two offbeat little gifts and two and a half book reviews, plus Stuart's Bestiary installment and another wacky collection of sound effects.

A number of voice card storms are brewing. Drury and I have at each other over the issue of the intelligent workplaces. Roger raises several thorny issues including the whole Rodney King mess. And Paul has crafted the mischievous first installment of our new voice card novel.

We have several cards about moving and, ironically, half of you are about to move. So, once you gypsies determine your new addresses, please find your member card (hit the Archipelago button and push your own icon at the top of the Monopoly board screen) and update your address. The changes will be automatically transmitted to the rest of Archipelago next time around.

This issue of Archipelago will ship a few scant hours before Betsy and I lift off for South Bend to be married. About half of you were able to come, so perhaps we will be able to manage a mini-convention. Expect a flurry of voice cards with lurid details about the wedding next time around.