Hello Card  -  Volume 26  -  Janine Card Number 0  -  Thu, Dec 10, 1992 10:17 PM

In case you're wondering why your Archipelago issues are so late, now you know. Check out that date above this message!!!

The roller coaster continues...

I got a new job in which I get to use my brain. El is back in school. The cats are happy yet full of fleas.

Family-wise, things have been up and down, too. On August 13, I became an aunt. My other sister-in-law found out she is pregnant. Then at the end of October, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, originating in his stomach, but already metasticised to his liver and pancreas. My mom is freaking (as are all of us). He is undergoing chemo and has decided he is not going to die yet. I'll write more in the next issue, as we'll know more then as to how he's responded to the treatment. Meanwhile, we do our best to keep him laughing and enjoying life.

Around and around we go, and where we stop, nobody knows...!