Hello Card  -  Volume 26  -  Paul Card Number 0  -  Fri, Nov 13, 1992 10:49 PM

I'm always amazed, creating these HELLO cards, by the time that has passed since the previous issue. Last time around I was commuting nearly four hours a day to and from work, preparing for my Big Summer Vacation, and dreading a move out of my home of the past few years (I was also reflecting back on my previous job, in Phoenix, and my previous HELLO card).

Now my old home and job and summer vacation are back in the distant past, nearly forgotten. And I'm quite literally worrying at the moment about the next job, next home, and next vacation.

But two recent happenings have served to improve my outlook on life tremendously, and I'm going to try to describe them:

1) Having escaped the horrible 190 daily miles of commuting I had to endure for nearly four months, I find myself wholly immune to the annoyances of rush-hour traffic. In fact, I'm almost gleeful as I creep down the highway every evening on the way home from downtown Salt Lake. Granted, this is not California-bad traffic. Still, a few months back this sort of slow-down was enough to send my blood pressure soaring. Today, I just turn up the radio and smile, which brings me to

2) After a decade or so of totally ignoring commercial radio, I have discovered that today's "Classic Rock" is the music of my depraved college years. Remember Pink Floyd, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Queen? They're all back, and doing extremely well, on Z93! This is a find, indeed. The afternoon Traffic Jam is a genuine trip down nostalgia row.

So now you know why creeping down the road to a job I'm not wild about, thinking about a future that is *very* uncertain, I'm grinning from ear to ear. Maybe life is not so bad after all.