Hello Card  -  Volume 27  -  Paul Card Number 0  -  Sun, Feb 21, 1993 10:38 AM

This is shaping up to be another crazy year. By mid-March I will have spent two months in Seattle, and only two weeks at home in Salt Lake. The good news is that my parents are nearby, and I'm staying with my sister, rather than in a hotel. The bad news is that my parents are nearby, and I'm... well, you get the picture.

Actually, the real good news is that I survived the layoffs of 1992, and remain employed. The next big round of layoffs is rumored to be on March 8; we have another 15,000 (15%) to go, so I'm not out of the woods yet. From where I sit, it's tough to be enthusiastic about the recovering economy.

My excitement for the year was a one-man photography exhibit I opened at the Central Utah Art Gallery two weeks ago. I have 39 prints on display, mostly 16"x20", all matted and framed. Twenty-five or thirty people showed up for the reception. They were all very kind, and I only found myself pontificating once. It looks like I might get a sale or two out of it, as well. I'm calling the event a success.