Voice Card  -  Volume 27  -  Holly Card Number 3  -  Sat, Jan 9, 1993 11:27 AM

Another update on my life. I have to confess that I have taken up, um, well, uh, bowling. There. I said it! I bowl, OK?!?!?! I even have my own purple ball with my name on it and my own pink shoes.

I bowl on the Officers' Wives' League (the non-medical wives' club is not liberated). We meet every Tuesday afternoon and give hi-fives when we get a strike. Albeit they are very weak hi-fives.

In Nov. I bowled in a tournament and I WON FIRST PLACE IN TWO CATEGORIES AND PLACED IN ONE. I was on the winning team in the handicapped team event, I placed in the handicapped single event and won FIRST in handicapped all around.

Now, your next question should be, "What's your handicap, Holly."

I'm glad you asked. How much do you know about handicaps? Handicapping is really an advantage to not very good players. The worse you are the bigger your handicap and the better you are the smaller your handicap. If your average is 160 (good) your handicap is probably in the teens and if your average is 120 (fair) your handicap is about 30. Your handicap is added onto your score so that the score + handicap = final score.

So, ha, this tournament required us to use last year's handicaps. To answer your question finally, my handicap was 96!!!!!!! In the team event I bowled really well and got a 176 without handicap so 176 + 96 = 272 (a perfect game is 300). I laughed all the way to the bank with my winnings of 30 big ones!!!