Hello Card  -  Volume 27  -  John Card Number 0  -  Sun, Mar 21, 1993 10:01 PM

It's the first weekend of Spring here on the island of Alameda and Betsy and I have been busy.

We celebrated her birthday last Thursday by seeing The Real Live Brady Bunch, a campy stage production of actual scripts from the TV show. Last night we went with Janine and some other good friends to see El Vez, a Latino Elvis impersonater (preceeded by Elvis Herselvis, a female Elvis impersonater). Today we helped another friend move from Sunnyvale up to a spectacular apartment in San Francisco. And we've been regularly eating out with even more friends, including a delightful dinner two weeks ago at Drury's house in Sacramento.

My big news is my return to The Lab (see VC 27 John 16). As you all know from my voice cards, I have been obsessed with the lab ever since my abrupt departure last summer. In January, with the help and encouragement of many dear friends, I began laying the groundwork for my return. Betsy's situation at Reebok, meanwhile, grew worse week by week until she finally had to quit. The day after she gave notice I received the call to return.

I've been back for three weeks now, long enough to remember why I left the first time. I am glad to be back (and VERY glad to be receiving regular paychecks), and I hope to do some good work there for at least three months. But it's a deeply screwed up place and the pressure is already causing me to lose sleep. I think my goal now should be to find some closure, so I can put my obsession behind me and move on to some more positive opportunity.

Despite our career turbulance, Betsy and I are having a good year so far. Our Christmas vacation in Idaho was lots of fun (including a sleigh ride through an elk herd in the Tetons). We celebrated Valentines Day by spending a weekend in Yosemite National Park. We spent one Sunday afternoon on the shore of the bay learning to paint with some friends. I had never tried painting before; I found it very relaxing.

Now that Betsy and I have traded roles again, with me going to work and her staying home, she is quilting up a storm. Betsy came VERY close to getting a job at a hot new magazine, and continues to search for writing work. We have been adopted by a cat named Ralph (who came with the apartment). We are happy. We are healthy. And we are looking forward to our first anniversary. Happy Spring everyone!