Hello Card  -  Volume 27  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Mon, Jan 11, 1993 1:48 AM

Archipelago continues to ebb and flow. In contrast to last issue's relative calm, this issue packs the fourth largest number of voice cards and (thanks largely to Paul) the second largest number of words.

The most dramatic (and delightful) feature of volume 27 is the triumphant return of our old friend Holly. The old-timers in the group will remember her with affection; those of you who haven't met her yet are in for a treat. Her opening selection of voice cards is superb!

Both Stuart and I once again produced those regular features you have all grown to love: the Bestiary and Mr. Wizard. Larry shares with us Kristen's very first voice card and some happy news (see VC 27 John 7). Larry and I reveal our nominations for the 1992 Golden Seagull Awards. Janine continues our increasingly bizarre serial novel. I've added a new feature which may reduce the number of blank template cards being transmitted (see VC 27 John 8.) Janine and Drury share some hair-raising encounters with robbers. And several of our deep, philosophical conversation trees take root and bloom.

It subscription time once again. Janine, Holly, and Drury have already paid but the rest of you need to enclose $20 with the next packet (THANK YOU!). As always, I hope that we can turn around the next issue a little quicker. I am also hoping to add another member sometime soon; negotiations are in progress - I'll keep you posted.

1993 looks like a good year for Archipelago. Happy reading!