New Clipboard Feature

Voice Card  -  Volume 27  -  John Card Number 8  -  Mon, Feb 8, 1993 5:07 PM

This is a response to VC 27 Larry 17 ("Drives me buggy")...


The attempt to paste text into newly created voice cards has been driving you and other Archipelagoans crazy for years. I have explained this problem and the method for avoiding it again and again, most recently in a card you nominated for "BEST USE OF NUMBERS AND MOST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT A TOPIC OF NO APPARENT REDEEMING VALUE," VC 24 John 5.

Clearly, the current clipboard feature is not sufficiently user-friendly (or even user comprehensible). This feature consisted of a special "Clipboard" button that would only appear in the voice card creation dialog box when there was text already in the clipboard. If you wanted to paste text into a newly created voice card, you were SUPPOSED to push this special button instead of the usual "OK" button. The problem has been that no one ever even noticed this button, let alone pushed it. And since the process of card creation replaces the clipboard text with a blank card template, attempts to paste the text result in those annoying blank cards.

THEREFORE I have rewritten the card creation routines. I have REMOVED the clipboard button (and also the Import Text button which also went unnoticed). From now on, when you create a new card you have only two buttons to contend with in the dialog box, "OK" and "Cancel."

BUT, if you have just copied some text onto the clipboard, a special dialog box will appear and ask the following question:

There is text in the clipboard. Do you wish to paste it into your new card?

You must then choose between two buttons. If you choose "No," card creation will proceed as usual and you will soon be presented with a blank card. If you choose "Yes," your new voice card will appear with the text already pasted in place.

So, for example, if you want to reply to a card and also copy a passage from that card so that you can refer to it in your response, proceed as follows:

  1. Sweep over the desired text and press Command C to copy it into the clipboard.
  2. Push the New Card button and choose "Response to this card."
  3. When asked if you wish to paste the text, answer "Yes."
That's it. When your card appears, the text will already be in place. If you wish to copy some text from some other source (such as a word processing document), simply locate the text, copy it, enter Archipelago, and push any "New Card" button. If you wish to import an entire text file, create a blank card, press and hold the Menu button (just right of the top row of reply boxes), and choose "Import Text."

I hope this will end the confusion and make it easier for all Archipelagoans to paste text into voice cards. Let me know how you like it!