Fighting Evil

Voice Card  -  Volume 28  -  Roger Card Number 3  -  Mon, May 17, 1993 10:13 AM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 27 John 14 ("War and Peace")...

How do you fight evil without compromising and becoming a little evil yourself?

Paraphrasing the question, how does a lesser power defeat a greater power? (What is "Evil" is a point of view, held by the person or power that feels they have, on their side, the weight of the agreement of the larger powers of a group, government, religion etc.)

The lesser power cannot win by themselves because they are the lesser power. They have a usually disinterested larger power (power of the community) to intervene (usually a difficult, maybe impossible because these battles are fought on the margins of community interest.)

The answer is to change the rules of the larger community so the stronger power isn't.

How do you do it? You lessen the rewards of using power and you increase the likelihood of failure when inproperly using power. (You distribute power more evenly among the community).

Take the movie "Indecent Proposal" for example. How effective would the offer been if Robert Redford character had only been able to offer $1000.00. plus the knowledge that the one nite stand was going to be printed in the newspaper? The situation would probably never happen with this lesser reward and greater social penalty.

Possible solutions that can currently be implemented:

  1. Very strongly graduated income tax.
  2. Total information available on everybody easily available to everybody. (It's getting more feasible with the access of most of us to large computer databanks by simply dialing the bank and accessing the information thru the computer.)
Sounds threatening doesn't it!