Fighting Fire with Fire

Voice Card  -  Volume 29  -  Janine Card Number 3  -  Mon, Aug 9, 1993 9:13 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 28 Roger 3 ("Fighting Evil ")...

Roger!! I agree with your first suggestion, though I am not sure of how this prevents evil. What does our government end up doing with all these tax dollars, anyway?!

Your second suggestion, unlimited access to information on everybody, IS downright scary! This was the case in Europe, and gave the Nazis all the information they needed on anyone who was even partially Jewish. I LIKE the fact that some computer hacker can't find out absolutely everything about me.

Call me paranoid, but this is why I've refused to have any credit cards - I hate the idea of anyone being able to trace my buying patterns, or where I go on vacation. It's nobody's business when the last time I bought underwear was! It took me several years to even have a checking account, since heaven knows what crazed marketing person (or information-seeker) could do with the checks the bank gets (not to mention the fact that the store would have your name, address and possibly telephone number off of your check).