Hello Card  -  Volume 29  -  Holly Card Number 0  -  Tue, Jul 27, 1993 2:56 AM

Good Morning Archipelago!

I just noticed my computer clock says 2:56 AM (kids!). It is not, although it is 7:30 and Barney has just finished and Mr. Roger's has just begun.

This issue I kindly ask your permission to let my 11 year old son, Joshua participate. Summer school has ended and when I informed the kids that they would be expected to READ during their vacation Josh asked if Archipelago counted. He also asked if he could write a book review. He likes asking questions and began asking me things about how Archipelago and the computer work so I told him to write a voice card and ask Command Central himself. He says he will feel uncomfortable writing to people he doesn't know. Ha.Ha. Sound familiar?

So, Archipelago, I introduce you to Joshua. He is 11 and has the unfortunate position of being 15 mo older than twin sisters who can be very demanding. He needs a desert island. He likes Nintendo but his mean parents won't buy many games, he likes jokes, he likes food, he is a good swimmer, he likes Legos and can follow those diagrams very well. He has expressed an interest in being a robotic engineer. Is he a nerd? Not really. When a friend of mine, also Josh's den mother found out I was his step-mother she was stunned. She said, "But you look alike!" The exception to that is that Josh's mom gave him the cutest dimples in his checks and my dimples are in my knees.

I will try not to censor and just let you have the full 11 year old experience. I am going to have him begin his voice card titles with a J so you can tell in the index who wrote the card.

UPDATE: J has been reading voice cards but hasn't written any. Maybe next time.

Thanks and happy reading.