Hello Card  -  Volume 29  -  Janine Card Number 0  -  Wed, Aug 25, 1993 9:56 AM

Hello, friends,

I want to thank all of you for helping me hang in there while going through my dad's illness. And thank you, John, for the beautiful voice card. I just wish you and my dad could have known each other better, you would have enjoyed each other very much. And that goes for all the Archipelagoans. I have not written about my dad yet - maybe next time around I'll be able to.

My job has ended, so now I'm doing the desparate scramble for something to pay the rent, and trying my best to not end up in a hell-hole. Eliott starts school in a week - YIKES!!

And to top it off, we're moving. We took the big plunge to a bigger place in the same building (makes perfect sense, seeing as I don't have a job, doesn't it?!?). It's in back, so we won't hear Harleys roaring by on Oak Street at 2 a.m.

Maybe one day my life will calm down.