Voice Card  -  Volume 29  -  Janine Card Number 7  -  Mon, Aug 9, 1993 11:02 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 28 John 1 ("Dinosaurs on Solano Street")...

I, too, have finally been able to see the dinosaurs in that poster!

I think the scorn with which those who can't see them (including me when we saw them at that poster shop with Betsy and her parents) lash out at you has a little to do with the frustration of not seeing them (and having no idea what to do TO see them), and has more to do with listening to "Can't you see them? I can't believe you can't see them! Look at the reflection, then you'll see them. You STILL can't see them??!? I can't believe it!! They're right there - there's the T-Rex [pointing and gesturing wildly]. I wish you could see them. THEY'RE SOOOO COOL! Wow! I can see the Stealth Bomber, too, can't you? You CAN'T?! Just gaze at it and relax, and suddenly it'll snap into view. Maybe you just need to practice.... Look! There's the New York skyline [pointing at a blob of dots]! With a giant moon in the background [more pointing]. Would you look at that detail! You can see this one, can't you? I didn't even have to stare - once I saw one of them, I just turned my head and I could see the rest of them. Wow, this is so cool!" repeated ad infinitum, ad nauseum!!!