Twenty Words

Voice Card  -  Volume 29  -  John Card Number 9  -  Sun, Oct 3, 1993 4:51 PM

While browsing aimlessly (the best way to browse) through a bookstore full of aisles full of shelves full of books full of fanciful notions, I came across a very ponarvian notion: a list of Bertrand Russell's twenty favorite words. Here was a project of no apparent redeeming value if ever there was one! A strange project, and yet strangely wonderful and strangely revealing as well.

So naturally I thought of you, my fellow ponarvians! What are Stuart's twenty favorite words? What are Paul's twenty favorite words? What are Suzanne's twenty favorite words? And Holly and Roger and Larry and Drury and Yumi and Janine - what are their twenty favorite words? And for that matter, what are MY twenty favorite words?

I hope the answers to these questions will appear in the next issue.