Hello Card  -  Volume 29  -  Roger Card Number 0  -  Wed, Sep 15, 1993 11:35 AM

Hello fellow Archipelagoans!

Weather is great out here in Alameda. The sun is a balmy warm 80 degrees and low humidity. I am feeling good allthough still swamped by the various computer programs.

I finally replaced the Mac Plus with a Centris 660 AV. The speed is great and I am having fun making quicktime movies.

The tomatoes in the garden are going great. They were languishing and just barely getting by until I added an automatic watering device and all of a sudden, they became loaded with tomatoes. It really surprised me how much difference this automation made.

Rose Anne is doing fine too. She has gone back on the full time schedule. She had been on an 80 percent schedule but the cutbacks at the university caused enough problems so that it was easier to go back on full time schedule.