Hello Card  -  Volume 30  -  Roger Card Number 0  -  Fri, Dec 31, 1993 1:01 PM

Greetings fellow archipelagoans.

This is year-end and best wishes to you all for another happy or happier year.

Both Rose Anne and I are doing well after a slightly bad year for Rose Anne. She had a double blow, a case of shingles combined with the flu which kept her incapicatated for about two months. But now things are almost gone and she is feeling almost normal.

Things are going smoothly and quietly for me most of this year. I am well and working on learning machine language for the IBM. (Training is much more readilly available for the IBM than the mac and is simplier.) Next I can get back to learning C and C++.

The severe weather of this year didn't have much effect in Alameda.

Politics is warming up with an increase in the graduated income tax, the possibility of universal health care and the appearance of more honesty in government and an improving economic climate. Though the emphasis on crime around here is a downer.

Heres hoping for a better year next year.