M Minsky

Voice Card  -  Volume 30  -  Roger Card Number 4  -  Wed, Jan 5, 1994 2:25 PM

Nov 93 Scientific American had a profile on Marvin L Minsky who some consider the father of Artificial Intelligence.

"He views single-mindedness with a kind of horror: If there is something that you like very much, then you should consider this as a kind of brain cancer, because it means that some small part of your mind has figured out how to turn off all the other things.

"Minsky even recoils at the tendency of ordinary mortals, once they have invested the time in learning to do something, to keep on doing it. He calls this the 'investment principal' and Minsky has trained himself to enjoy the feeling of awkwardness aroused by confronting an entirely new problem. 'It's thrilling not to be able to do something,' he remarked."

Is it a worthwhile goal to develope the feeling of exultation in doing something entirely new and a feeling of boredom with repeating of the same thing? Would this be something to develop?