So Sorry

Voice Card  -  Volume 31  -  Drury Card Number 2  -  Mon, Mar 7, 1994 5:18 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 30 Yumi 3 ("Turmoil")...

Could be worse, Yumi! You could still be laboring in Fudgeland.

We all took pay and hour cuts. After thoroughly irritating many avian veterinary clients, he finally dropped the $20/month service charge on each account. This charge was in addition to fees for sending supplies and setting up the account in the computer and on the voice mail. If you didn't send our lab any samples during the month, you would be billed $20.00, just because! More than half our clients dropped us. It took him six more months to finally stop this ridiculous fee.

He is now chasing after the elusive emu and ostrich business. Amazing! I always thought that in business, it was far easier to keep clients than to advertize to get new ones. Eventually, the man will have no new ones to attract!

One more story, OK? Boss-man was bubbling about a new VISA card offered through our veterinary association (AVMA). It has no annual fee and THE lowest finance rate on the market. Sounds great doesn't it! (Like I should apply for it ) I had to burst his little bubble by explaining some of the fine print. You do need a minimum income* OR be a recent veterinary graduate. I didn't make either of those qualifications! I don't think he "got it".

I "got" what I needed from his business and he has nothing more to offer me. It is time to move on. I have accumulated no less than THREE (3) rejection notices in the last four months. Hopefully I will last long enough to gracefully glide into a new job.

I hope you are feeling better! Remember, you could STILL be working for the Fudgeman!

*Minimum income if you are interested, is $35,000/year. New grads are pulling down $30,000/year.