Quick note

Voice Card  -  Volume 31  -  Holly Card Number 8  -  Wed, Feb 2, 1994 11:30


When we arrived in SA I checked into the schools and decided to keep Josh in public school. We have him in special ed classes and he is doing very well and is very happy in these classes.

The problem is his IEP testing indicates he can be in a regular classroom, that he doesn't have learning disabilities. I have heard ADD parents say, "ADD kids don't have learning disabilities, they have organizational disabilities. They don't need special ed."

I say, the special ed teachers are working with him on his organization and regular teachers won't because, "I can't do that for every student, I'd never go home". The sp ed teachers make him keep a calender of his assignments and they grade the calender to make sure he keeps it current. Hallelujah!

Do you have anything you can share with me to help me understand educational red tape? I think they might try to get him out of special ed; he is in because an MD signed a "Other Health Impaired" form.