Hello Card  -  Volume 31  -  Stuart Card Number 0  -  Tue, Mar 1, 1994 9:55 PM

1993-94 has been one of the coldest winters in Ohio. One night was 40 degrees below zero with wind chill. It makes my old old bones feel toughened up and crusty. When I watch the Lillehammer games and the temps that are thrown around with such awe, I say, "Heck, 16 degrees is nothin!"

But then I realize that my outside activities during the coldest days and nights of the cold snap mainly consisted of running from cars to buildings and vice versa, not standing out in the open air and watching luge competitions. But I made it through the winter so far. (Thankfully our cars started and our pipes didn't burst.)

Now spring is just around the corner. It's nearly time to shout into the microphones of the daffodils: Here's to a great year and the hope that in 1994 you are all healthy, content, and successful in whatever endeavors you choose. Cheers!

P.S. Here's to John, too, for putting up with all us tardy souls and our foolishness over the five years that this wonderous contraption, Archipelago, has flown through the welkin of the imagination and the intellect. He's as patient and generous as he is imaginative, curious, and brilliant. Thanks, Juan!