Tamale Country

Voice Card  -  Volume 31  -  Janine Card Number 10  -  Fri, Feb 4, 1994 10:01 PM

This is ONE OF 4 responses to VC 30 Drury 3 ("Reunion time")...

My ex-boyfriend Robert cracked up when we were up north and he saw the sign for Mt. Tamalpais - it means tamale country in Spanish! But, I have been informed, that Tamalpais is actually a Native American word, and that the mountain was (and still is!) a holy place.

How about everyone giving their available dates - especially the teachers and students among us. Yes, we do need to make reservations. It's usually not difficult to get a weekend, even in the summer, though it does get pretty warm during the day (nice in the evening). Does everyone else agree on this place for the first of many reunions?

More info on the West Point Inn... I don't know if I told you, but there's no electricity - gas lamps and flashlights only! No radios are allowed, but I think enough of us have the gift of gab to make plenty of lively conversation. We would have to bring all our food in, as well as linens or sleeping bags, but there's a fully-equipped commercial kitchen where we could cook a pretty extensive gourmet meal.

Still sound good? Write in with your dates of choice!! Or let me know if you need more information.