Nancy and Tanya

Voice Card  -  Volume 31  -  Roger Card Number 2  -  Thu, Feb 17, 1994 1:14 PM

On many of the talk shows, the question has been asked, Should Tanya be allowed to participate in the Olympics. The committes that are in charge of permission, ducked the issue, probably out of fear of a lawsuit.

What to you think?

My private opinion is that she should have quit, out of remorse for having one of her friends attempt this unsportmanlike and illegal attemp to knock Nancy out of the competition. Barring her not quiting on her own, the committee should have blocked her.

By the time most of you are reading this, the competion will have been done and she or Nancy may have a medal. Reguardless of the result, the question can still be asked.

Should publicly known criminal companions of a participant in the olympics be a justification for removing a person from the competition?