License drinking

Voice Card  -  Volume 31  -  Roger Card Number 4  -  Fri, Mar 11, 1994 11:09 PM

Our biggest drug problem is alcohol (excluding the health aspects of smoking). Its time we did something about it. Not prohibition (which didn't work), but rather, have a license to drink.

What would it be? A license that you renew every year and pay a tax for the registration (minor amount). Issue a card, like a drivers license, that gives you permission to buy liquor, either bottled spirits or single drinks. You would lose the license if you drove drunk, comitted criminal acts under the influence of alcohol, or furnished alcohol to a non licensed person.

You would also have a special license that allows you to drink only wine or beer but not to purchase any liquor, beer or wine and would have a low age limit of somerwhere around 14 to 16 while in the company of a regular licensed drinker or in your home. The regular license would be issued to drinkers 18 and over.

Any violation, like buying drinks for people without a license, driving under the influence, comminting a crime while under the influence, causing a disturbance, fight, etc. would result in a one year suspension of the license. Second violation is a five year suspension. You would lose your liquor selling license if you sold to an unlicensed buyer of liquor - with a stiff $ penalty as well.

The card would have identification strip, like the metalic strip on a credit card which would contain your name, address, age and physical description and which would be required when buying package or bottles of liquor or spirits. It would be sufficient to just show the card when buying drinks but the person selling the drinks could be asked to take the card to the card reader if he/she thought necessary.

This would not stop alcoholism but would cut down on the major problems caused by drinking.