Hello Card  -  Volume 33  -  Janine Card Number 0  -  Sun, Oct 16, 1994 7:01 PM

Hi gang!! Whew! I'm sending these off, and not a moment too soon (right, John?).

I had such a great time on Mount Tam with all of you who could make it. Watching the sun rise as we floated in our cabins in the clouds was "heavenly." And bowling was a great finale. Believe it or not, Drury, John REALLY DID tie your score after you left!

I hope we can do this anually and eventually include everybody. Once again, John outdid himself with our customade Archipelago bowling shirts - we really looked like pros! I still crack up whenever I look at mine

This time of year is my favorite, and Halloween is my favorite holiday. This year I'm seeing the Rolling Stones on the 31st, and going to a wild party in Santa Cruz on the 28th. I'm still not sure what I'm going as; maybe a fortune teller with my Magic 8 Ball. I'm also thinking of going to a pagan ritual - a Spiral Dance - to honor the dead and newly born, on the 29th.

Sorry my "Hello" card is so long - our hard drive is too full and it takes a LONG time to create new cards, so instead I put about 3 cards' worth on this one!

Hope you're all doing well! Trick or Treat?!!?