Voice Card  -  Volume 33  -  Holly Card Number 17  -  Wed, Oct 12, 1994 16:43

The bowling shirt is great!! I wish I could have been there.

Sometimes it seems that we think weight is a secret - silly I know. When I saw the size of the shirt I couldn't try it on right away. What if it was too small? I was embarrassed because I think there must have been some discussion on my size. This means you know I'm fat.

My size makes for some interesting discussion. I carry my weight in front which makes me look pregnant. People have asked when I am due and when they realize I'm not its as if they think they have just revealed something to me that they shouldn't have. Louie Anderson said he always includes a fat joke at the beginning of his show because people sit there thinking, "Do you think he knows he's fat?"

One woman asked when I was due and I told her I wasn't. She said, "Oh, you must be. You are." She kept going on. It is humiliating enough to say, "I'm not pregnant, I'm fat", but to have to argue about it? Did she want a urine sample? Rick said she wanted to know that she hadn't done what she had done.

I'm not proud of this and I have hope of it changing. Please don't send me your diet ideas; I have had enough free advice and good intentions.

Anyway - I LOVE THE SHIRT!!!!