Hello Card  -  Volume 33  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Mon, Sep 12, 1994 8:11 PM

Issue 33 was a long time in coming. Its first cards were written in July, its final cards in December. During this time, a dark wind blew throughout Archipelago bringing profound changes.

Stuart is bravely coping with the unexpected disollution of his marriage. Drury has become entangled in an ironic legal dispute. The Republicans seized power. I got a job and a thirty year mortgage. Command Central is about to move. Suzanne broke a bone while travelling in France. Janine lost her temp job. And then there's Paul.

Paul lost his job at DEC, moved to California, started a new career as a freelance consultant, was diagnosed with throat cancer, sold his Mac, and has now moved in with his sister in Seattle where is starting a full year of intensive chemotherapy.

All of this makes for an astonishing pack of voice cards. Over the years we have all reached a degree of intimacy that allows for a shared introspection that is nothing less than remarkable. This installment includes some gallant cards from Paul and Stuart, a wonderful poem by Paul's sister, an intriguing essay by Suzanne on one of her neighbors, my reflections upon flying a plane for the first time, a letter from Taipei, and a hilarious card from Holly about her romp to an erotic video store.

There are numerous takes on our Mount Tam Reunion, which was, all agree, a spectacular success. We are also embarking on an interesting new group project, a discussion of the book Possession. No book reviews this time, but we do have a haiku or two, and I am continuing my retrospective series with a retelling of the great disk disaster of '88.

It also appears that we are about to welcome a new member. You will meet him in issue 34.

As I mentioned, Betsy and I are about to become home owners (assuming the loan goes through). Escrow is scheduled to close on December 14th, so I have updated all your return labels accordingly. If the deal falls through I will send word, but unless you hear otherwise, send your next packet to the new address.

Issue 33 goes out just in time for the Holiday Season. Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas, everyone! And a very happy and healthy New Year! See you in '95!