Hello Card  -  Volume 32  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Fri, Jun 3, 1994 1:53 AM

The biggest news brewing in Issue 32 is that our long dreamt-about Mount Tam reunion is finally a GO ON THROTTLE UP! For more details see VC 32 John 17.

Our numbers are now a tad bit reduced, with both Larry and Yumi off on indefinite sabbaticals. I have several excellent possibilities for new members waiting in the wings and, of course, Larry and Yumi will both be welcome back whenever their busy lives permit.

The remaining archipelagoans have contributed no less than 100 cards for this issue, many of them quite remarkable. Several of our members have undergone dramatic changes this summer, enduring the loss of jobs and loved ones.

There are a number of interesting cards devoted to dreaming, Stuart has challenged us to a Haiku contest, the nominations are in for the Golden Seagull awards, AND the Paul project has elicited a flurry of probing and revealing investigative cards which may just crack him open like an omelette.

I have also included the next installment of my ongoing retrospective series, both Paul and Janine have once again contributed book reviews, and there are no less than FOUR gifts under the tree this time. In order to fit the gifts onto the transit disks, I have placed them all into self-extracting archives - just double-click to unstuff.

All in all a truly remarkable issue. Bon Apetite!