Hello Card  -  Volume 4  -  John Card Number 0  -  Mon, Feb 6, 1989 5:19 AM

Welcome to the first issue of 1989! First of all, let me apologize for the delay. I had hoped to launch this issue a week ago, but I was pinned down by my first real Montana blizzard (See Vol 4 John 29). I devoted much of my time in the last week to upgrading the Voice stack. The resulting cascade of new features is described on the next card.

This issue is, dare I say it, the best yet! We have a clean sweep of the Archipelago main screen: an avalanche of packages, 12 island quiz cards, 8 new HPL cards, the sound of the Month club, several member list updates, more HyperPoetry, Paul's Quotationist column, two new book reviews, and THE WIZARD IS BACK! Be sure to hit all those install buttons!

This month's Wizard is the first of many mazes: the "Cube of Crete." You'd best get at it right away - the Wizard button will not light up until you escape the maze!

I am glad to report that my ailing hard disk has been completely repaired and is working beautifully. Things are back to normal here at command central. This month it was Cliff's turn to experience hardware problems; his Mac lost its power supply and put him out of business all together. I gather that it has now been repaired, but unfortunately Cliff was not able to contribute this time around. He promises two book reviews next time!

I am very pleased with the way things are going so far. The group is bubbling with creativity. Roger has finally made an appearance and describes his language project. The great sex debate rages on. Tomás has begun to draw sketches for Stuart's alphabet poems and the crab epic continues to unfold (I hope to see some new episodes next time!) Holly is working on a music theory essay and once again we have over a hundred excellent voice cards. I have been playing with the new voice card features and having lots of fun. Keep up the good work everybody!