Hello Card  -  Volume 4  -  Roger Card Number 0  -  Fri, Jan 13, 1989 2:14 PM

[Editor's note: Last time around, Roger completed a transit stack but somehow failed to tranfer it onto his transit disk. So for this issue, he has combined his last stack with a new set of cards. I have merged the two opening messages and made a few minor adjustments to the voice cards which follow...]

First Opening message (12/5/88):


I am Roger, John's uncle. I am 58 years old and living in Alameda (a so-called island in the San Francisco Bay next to Oakland). I am married to Rose Anne. I am retired from PG&E, the local utility company, where I worked as an instrument engineer for about 30 years. A couple of years ago they decided to retrench (at the request of the California Utility Commission) and gave an option for early retirement. I took it. Rose Anne works as an editor for scholarly publications at U.C. Berkeley.

My main hobby is computers, personal computers. I have a commodore 128, an IBM clone and a Mac Plus. I am learning C with the aid of Borland Turbo C and Lightspeed C. It's tough going but I am near the point where the light at the end of the tunnel is evident.

My other interests are in the Stock Market, which I have followed on and off for about 25 years, and developing a computer taught language. This last thing is my main "kick" and will keep me going for a couple of years. Learning C is the start of this. I also belong to Toastmasters (a speech practice club) so that I don't forget how to talk.

Rose Anne and I (no children) live in a modest house in Alameda. We have two cats (Murray and Caroline) Murray is a yellow tabby, and Caroline is all black. Photography used to be my hobby, Rose Anne loves detective novels and we watch a lot of TV.

Second Opening Message:


It continules to be quiet and peaceful around Alemeda with little to bother a daily non-freeway driver.

I am continuing trying to learn C and am being frustrated by being unable to initialize strings from a function so I will probably go down to the store and buy another book in the optimistic hope that it will answer all my questions.

Our small black female cat Caroline, now aprox six months came into heat and caused changes and uproar around the house and forced the dreaded neutering operations on both her and Murray.

I think I am finally getting the feel for how Archipelago works and so some voices should now start appearing from me.

See You-all later.