Thoughts on Nomic

Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  Roger Card Number 3  -  Fri, Jan 13, 1989 8:54 AM

The idea of the game Nomic sounds fascinating and I would like to be a player in a game with other members of Arch.

I agree with John that some rules of the game would have to be changed to make it operate smoothly and that further discussion would be necessary before we could start.

Here are some of my suggestions as to the initial rule changes needed to make the game reasonable or ready to start:

  • We should have a minimum of 4 players - less than this makes the game too routine.
  • We need to propose the rule change on one issue of Arch. and vote on it in the next issue.
  • We need an order for passing the judge job and I suggest it is counter clockwise in accordance with the arrangement of members on our arch. menu display (and reverse it each time a new game is played).
I am lost on the idea of rule 213. Could someone give me an idea of why that one is in there?

Also we might set up some rules for the length of a game goes on (a year for instance).

It sounds like it will be a fascinating game or a horrible bore and I am not quite sure which but I would like to see it get a chance to start.