Three and a Half Trees

Voice Card  -  Volume 5  -  John Card Number 12  -  Fri, Mar 10, 1989 1:44 AM

This is a response to volume 5, Paul Card Number 6 ("Review Buttons")...

While the much desired software and music review stacks are under construction, I propose that we start reviewing these things in voice cards. In addition to providing a temporary solution, this will also give me ideas for how to construct the stacks.

Paul makes an excellent point. One essential part of any review is the rating, and for ratings we need a cutesy symbol like a star or a mouse. I have taken the liberty of creating such a symbol and adding it to the voice font. Our rating symbol will be the palm tree: !!

Paul also points out that half a star is not unusual. The closest I could come to half a tree was a potted plant: !!

To create these characters, type "OPTION SHIFT T" for the tree, and "OPTION SHIFT H" for the potted plant (H is for "Half"). I propose that the ratings should range from half a tree up to five trees as follows:

 Pretty bad
 Below average
 Not bad
 Not half bad
 Pretty good

For more information about the new improved voice font, see the next card!