Hello Card  -  Volume 5  -  Larry Card Number 0  -  Wed, Mar 1, 1989 10:05 PM

I know -- I know -- I'm late -- I'm late.

But, we just moved this past weekend, and my wonderful wife, blissfully unaware of the importance of my Archipelago disks, had packed them in a box separate from all of our other Macintosh paraphenalia. Obviously they have now been found; and I can quickly crank out a hello card.

Our life has been totally consumed by home buying activities for the last few weeks. But we now are moved into our new home and hope to soon finish unpacking and begin to be settled.

I will try to update my member card when I finish this hello, but in case something goes wrong, our new address is as follows:

4962 Paseo Tranquillo
San Jose, CA 95118

Next month I hope to be less breathless and more informative.