Hello Card  -  Volume 6  -  Larry Card Number 0  -  Mon, May 1, 1989 10:43 PM

This makes twice in a row that I have been late in responding. However, this time I am more than a week late. I hope that this isn't a progressive problem.

Things have seemed incredibly dull the past month. I think that since I had such a great end of April, with a conference in San Francisco that brought together a lot of my old friends from across the country and the NCAA basketball championship in Seattle, it has been hard to get back into everyday events. Additionally I have been kept very busy at work with a couple of large projects (Sometimes busy can be exciting, but not in these cases).

Special congratulations to Holly on her betrothal and Stuart for his upcoming move into Big Ten country. Normal congratulations to the rest of us for continuing another round of this very worthy ponarv.