Ok, Ok, Ok, So I Found One

Voice Card  -  Volume 6  -  Holly Card Number 2  -  Tue, Apr 11, 1989 5:07 PM

This is a response to Vol 5 Holly 7 ("My Point IS...")...

While I was home last Dec/Jan for Christmas my family had a party. Unbeknownst to me my family secretly invited the single brother of one of my sister's co-workers to attend; I found this out 1/2 hour before he arrived. Reacting with panic I had a quick discussion with myself and decided that because of my weight he would reject me on sight, which is par, so I just wouldn't worry about it which I didn't and therefore I had a great time at the party.

Two weeks after I came back to CA I received a letter from him and we commenced a VERY LIVELY correspondence. At the time I wrote the card to which I am responding I was planning a trip to SLC to see him and I was FEARFUL that maybe he thought I was my skinny cousin and I was again bracing myself for rejection.

Now I am back in CA and I am planning to move to SLC because we did everything but reject each other. BUT trusting him was/is extremely difficult and painful for me. I have learned how little I trust men or at least how limited my trust was/is.

I told John I hadn't told him about the 8 other men I correspond with (still haven't) and John suggested I don't use those exact words to tell him about you all.

Tomás: By the way, he is an OR nurse and was previously married to a woman who was 9 at the onset of her diabetes. He learned a lot about diabetes because of it and maybe he would be a resource for our project and also the project might help him get to know Archipelago a little since I have no intention of leaving the group.