Hello Card  -  Volume 6  -  Holly Card Number 0  -  Mon, Apr 24, 1989 8:50 PM

Hello Archipelago:

Ponarvs come in several varieties. Not all of them dabble with computers or read dictionaries or write poetry or etc. I have been reflecting on ponarvs and ponarvish things of late...

The woman I live with, Vin, says that each time one of her offspring (she has 5) has moved out they have made life at home miserable for about a month before the move. They have to create a good reason for moving out, such as not getting along with mom, they can't just decide to move just because they want to, they have to justify it.

I am moving out. Life here has not been miserable, in fact, I have loved it here. I am moving back to Salt Lake because of a ... man (See Vol 6 Holly 2).

I asked him if he'd fly out here and drive back with me. He couldn't find a sitter for the kids (3, I may be crazy but it's fun) so he suggested he and the kids meet me in NV somewhere and even though we can't drive in the same car we can stop and watch tumbleweed or something else real exciting together (which does make it exciting). Most everyone who hears this plan says, "That is the dumbest thing I ever heard of! What's the point?"

Sunday I was in Golden Gate Park and had a truly CA experience. My friends and I were looking at the rhodadendrons (you know, those flowers) which are beautiful. In the distance, near the bandstand, we could hear a large group shouting (it turned out to be a celebration of Earth Day). As we were walking back to the car we could see a group of about 20 approaching so we stepped aside, off of the path. As the group came closer we could see they were men and women basically naked except for a few jock straps, shorts and t-shirts cut like halter tops which weren't halting anything in particular.

The nakedness wasn't the odd thing, the odd thing was they were covered in dried mud and they were chanting, "mud, mud, mud, mud." They got a kick out of the fact that we had stepped aside and a few tried to shake dried mud on us.

One of my friends said, "What are they supposed to be?" My answer was, "That is an inappropriate question. It really doesn't matter, unless they are supposed to be people who make other people ask what are they supposed to be."

Does every decision have to be justified and does everything have to make sense and have a point and does everything have to have a reason and a purpose? Isn't just wanting to do something enough?

Yea, it is.