Closing the Gap

Voice Card  -  Volume 6  -  John Card Number 18  -  Mon, May 15, 1989 2:38 AM

This is a response to Vol 6 Larry 4 ("Changes in the Wind")...


The difference in our positions has now narrowed to little more than a crack. I find myself in almost complete agreement with your last card, and so I suppose our first great Archipelago debate is winding down.

I've just been climbing through the whole sex debate conversation tree, and it's quite impressive. The debate began on Nov. 4, 1988 with Vol 2 Dionne 1 (sigh). Since then seven of the members generated a total of 26 cards! [If any of you wish to explore the tree for yourself, just hold down the OPTION key and push the down arrow on this card to work your way back to Dionne's "trunk" card in volume 2.]

Sometime soon I plan to issue a HyperEssay retrospective of the great sex debate. Meanwhile it's time to start a new argument! Controversial statements anyone?