Hello Card  -  Volume 6  -  John Card Number 0  -  Tue, May 16, 1989 7:15 PM

With issue six, the waves lapping at the shore of our archipelago recede a bit: only two transit disks this time. I am still distracted by romantic difficulties (See Vol 6 John 21), and the rest of you are busy, moving, or still trying to digest the last issue. There are half as many packages on the main screen. We also have fewer voice cards to read this time. And several of our long-running conversations seem to be drawing to a close.

All of this is probably for the best: a healthy part of what is becoming our normal Archipelago respiration. But we are now entering a new phase of our experiment and it is time to lay the groundwork for some new group projects. We are all starting to get used to this 'Pelago contraption; now it's time to figure out what we want to DO with it!

As usual we have an excellent selection of goodies. Stuart gives us more HyperPoetry and Paul takes up the weighty subject of marriage in his Quotationist column. There are two new book reviews, one from Robert and one from me. Holly is getting married: BE SURE TO INSTALL HER NEW MEMBER LIST CARD! I've only had time for a little tinkering, but I HAVE managed to install the beginnings of a card printing feature (See next card for more details).

Among the packages on the screen are several "home-made" gifts. One of these is a special collection of sounds that I am distributing as a separate package (instead of sending them through the Sound Of The Month Club). The other is a HyperEssay which includes a story about parents struggling with their child's disease; it may provide Tomás with food for thought as he struggles with his GlucoStack. And there are four other extremely nifty treats under our tree as well!

If my love life continues on its downward spiral (as I fear it will), I may be driven to take a j-j-job in California. So the sooner you get your packets back to Canyon Creek the better! I'll keep you posted.