Victory at Last!

Voice Card  -  Volume 6  -  John Card Number 4  -  Mon, May 8, 1989 8:37 PM

At long last I have finally driven the evil computer hoards into the sea and made the world safe for democracy and fair play! That's right! I finally won one of the official Archipelago Strategic Conquest games (the April 89 game).

I happen to know that Paul was utterly defeated by the same opponent; he defied me to last 150 days in the ring with these monsters! On day 157 they begged for mercy. Since Paul didn't bother to map his humiliation, I have not provided a mapping stack this time, but as evidence of my triumph I provide a voice card picture map of the final outcome.

The key to victory was quickly establishing a foothold on the populous continent to the north of the starting continent, consolidating my hold on the eastern hemisphere, and then moving relentlessly westward with an equal balance of air, sea, and land forces. The moral of the story is that level 10 games ARE winnable!

Paul: Why don't you provide a Conquest game file this time around?