Hello Card  -  Volume 6  -  Paul Card Number 0  -  Sun, Apr 23, 1989 1:40 PM

"Travel" has been the theme of my recent past, and will continue to be the theme of my near future. Work is keeping me on the road much more than usual. I do get nearly two full days home this weekend; long enough to do my laundry and to be woken up this morning by John (an amazing turn of events), on his way from Hawaii to Idaho Falls; but not long enough to do justice to this issue of Archipelago.

This afternoon I am off to Boston, where I will spend the next four weeks. After that my future is unclear, but likely includes a quick two weeks in Boise and a week or ten days in Santa Clara early in June.

Am I enjoying all this work and travel? I'm not sure; you might ask me again in June.