Hello Card  -  Volume 6  -  Tomas Card Number 0  -  Mon, Apr 24, 1989 5:09 PM

¡Qué tal, amigos!

I could not procastinate any longer: I had to clean up my HD. That meant I had to sieve through the folders and folders of junk I had accumulated in the past months, I had to make floppy backups of the useful stuff & then I used DiskExpress to compress whatever was left.

Finally, a little extra income! I got a sub-contract to do the page design for a couple of computer manuals for a local software company. They keep changing their minds with respect to the content of the manuals... which is OK with me!

WORD 3.02 has proved to be sufficient for what they want up to now, but if they get fancier I'll have to switch to PageMaker with it's problem of multiple documents for different section footers...

Another landmark in my son Tommy's life (and mine): He swam across the DEEP side of the pool (about 15 ft. in length) without any help. He's not 5 yet!

Using the new PictureCard feature recently added by John, I inserted a a little McPaint in the voice card "Stuart, the Cat & the Crab", hope you like it.

Saludos a todos,