Still can't INITIALIZE!

Voice Card  -  Volume 6  -  Tomas Card Number 2  -  Mon, Apr 24, 1989 5:55 PM

This is a response to Vol 5 Robert 4 ("Tomas / Initialize")...

Yep! I've tried using the Installer, I've tried different versions of the System & Finder. Currently I'm using System 4.2 & Finder 6.0.

I tried later versions but although the Installer told me the instalation had been "succesful" when rebooting my NOVA it would not open the Finder, instead I would get the message "A resource is missing" and that was the end of that!

It's not a big problem, but it's just annoying & I'm curious as to what could be the cause...

By the way, when verifying the disk I got the message "Bad block #(can't remember the number)". Anyway, is it just a formating problem or an actual Hardware problem?

This is why I'm asking: the way I see it if it is a matter of format only, I can just go ahead, backup my stuff and reinitialize it. BUT if it happens to be a hardware problem, the initialization might fail... and I would be out of the whole HD altogether, not just one block!

I would appreciate your comments and/or suggestions. Thanks