More, more, more...

Voice Card  -  Volume 6  -  Tomas Card Number 4  -  Mon, Apr 24, 1989 7:24 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to Vol 5 John 1 ("Suggestion Box")...

John, when you opened a "Suggestion Box" you dug your own grave! We want more and more and more...

  • The extending text fields are great!
  • The calculation of cards read/to read is terrific!
  • The PictureCard feature is my favorite (in spite of the fact that you can't extend the text field...)
  • I'm still working on the others. It takes a while, you know?
Guess what, I have another request!

My Archipelago folder keeps growing and growing! Why don't you point out what the minimum necessary stacks that I need to keep in my folder to run Archipelago with no problems are, and which ones I can throw into floppies.

I'm enclosing another drawing for you to pass along to Stuart, thanks!

Sorry to hear about your love life, I know what you're going through. Looking at the bright side, in my case it was the best crash diet program I've ever gone through!