Shall We Dream?

Voice Card  -  Volume 7  -  John Card Number 18  -  Mon, Jul 10, 1989 1:14 AM

Now that the Crab Epic and the Great Sex Debate are drawing to a close, I am trying to come up with some new wacky but stimulating topics/projects.

Would you guys like to start some kind of group dream journal? Actually, I think Holly was the first to suggest this idea. There's no need for a separate stack just yet; if you like we can begin jotting down some interesting dreams in voice cards and simply respond to each others dreams.

Have any of you had dreams so powerful or moving that you still remember them years later? I have had several. Here is one of them:

I dreamt that I was shot by an assassin and fell to the ground. It was all quite real: I could feel my right cheek pressing against the cement of a sidewalk and I was vaguely aware that blood was trickling out of my head.

I couldn't move and I began to wonder: What now? Suddenly it hit me that I would be dead in exactly five seconds. How I knew I had exactly this many seconds left I cannot say, but somehow I was certain of it.

So I wondered "What can I do with the last five seconds of my life?" I couldn't move or speak. But I could THINK! I could think some grand and final thought. And the realization that I could still think, and the idea of thinking a grand and final thought, used up several of my all too precious seconds. My blood was forming a pool on the sidewalk.

And so this rapid fire chain of insights lead to the penultimate insight: "The next thought I think will be my last!"

And then I woke up, and as I sat up in my bed, the final second of my life seemed to stretch out before me, as if every sensation and action of the next fifty years would in reality be the grand and final thought occurring in the brain of a dying man in the last second of his life. Time became an illusion and the present moment seemed the only possible reality.

In addition to sharing dreams, we can also speculate about recurring dreams, flying dreams, dream monsters, nightmares, etc. Let's start talking and see where it leads.

Have you a dream?