Voice Card  -  Volume 8  -  John Card Number 4  -  Tue, Aug 1, 1989 6:26 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to Vol 7 John 18 ("Shall We Dream?")...

For some reason, Paul has made an appearance in several of my most memorable dreams. In a folder containing old tape notes (See Vol 8 John 8) I found the following dream description:


You put in a cameo appearance in one of my dreams the other morning. I was following you around the back yard of an old Victorian House talking about the construction of a huge, multi-level gazebo. You had just showed me the first of four pink carousel horses that were to be installed and I admired it - although on closer inspection it looked more like an enormous hog than a horse, it was quite comfortable.

Anyway, I was insisting that the gazebo be built next to one of the openings in the attic so that a passageway could be built directly from the attic to the third story of the gazebo. You decided to pop up into the attic to have a look and I tagged along.

"Please," you said, "think aloud; I want to hear your thoughts on this gazebo." As we were climbing up a long, wide set of roughly hewn stairs, I started to argue for a new arrangement. "Suppose we put the carousel horses on the FIRST floor of the gazebo," I argued, "instead of on the second floor as originally planned. This would free up the second level for -"

I was cut off as we reached the attic. A narrow hallway wound off to the right and we followed it, you in the lead. There were only two narrow little doors on the left side of the passage and both of these seemed to open into cramped bathrooms. But upon entering I saw that in fact there was just one severely oblong bathroom with four toilets and no privacy whatsoever. A four seater!

Over each toilet there were little spring-loaded double-thick wooden shutters that opened in the direction of the soon-to-be-built gazebo. You went down the length of the bathroom opening each window in turn. The first two opened directly onto a brick wall, but the third opened into the yard. You poked your head through it and, bleating like a goat, yelled "MAAAAGIC! MAAAAGIC!" - I woke up with that cry still ringing in my ears.

[Editor's note: Let's keep those dreams pouring in! The more the merrier!]