New Blood

Voice Card  -  Volume 7  -  John Card Number 6  -  Sat, Jul 8, 1989 8:15 PM

Cliff's departure and the diminished response of the last few issues suggest that our experiment is in decline. The original ten are now down to eight, and perhaps the best thing we can do to stimulate the group is to add a new member or two.

I have one prospective candidate already. Suzanne, a talented writer and an old friend of mine, has just purchased a Mac Plus with a 30 megabyte hard disk and would like to join us. In one stroke this will double the number of women in the group and provide us with another writer as well. I hope to bring her aboard within the next issue or two.

Do any of you have any candidates in mind? The minimum requirements are a Plus or better with a hard disk (for the machine) and a Ponarvian outlook (for the member). Extra bonus points for women and artists! Incidentally, what do you think about letting a teenager into the group? Are our discussions too shocking (or too tame) for a child's tender ears?

Even if you have no members in mind I would like to hear your ideas on who we should try to attract, what we need, etc.