Voice Card  -  Volume 8  -  John Card Number 10  -  Sun, Aug 20, 1989 5:53 PM

This is a response to Vol 8 Paul 5 ("Card Button 31")...

As most of you noticed, there was a tiny bug in the last issue of Archipelago. Whenever you tried to unwrap a package on the main screen, the program squawked about a mythical button 31.

The problem was triggered by Cliff's departure last issue. Part of the calculations involved in unwrapping a package use a variable that indicates the current number of members in the group. Although I did remember to change this variable from 9 to 8, one of my automatic harvesting procedures changed it back again, hence the error message. I have reformed this errant harvesting procedure and reset the variable.

To make a long voice card short, the problem has been fixed and you should now be able to unwrap packages without difficulty. If it happens again let me know! Thanks!