Yellowstone Memories

Voice Card  -  Volume 8  -  John Card Number 11  -  Fri, Aug 25, 1989 1:45 AM

Paul's Hello Card refers to a week long backpacking trip that he, Roger, my dad, and I took through Yellowstone when I was in my mid teens.

In particular, I remember developing massive open blisters on my feet after the first day, and a raging case of dysentary the day after that. I also recall clouds of bloodthirsty mosquitoes and Uncle Roger constantly chawing away at a massive cabbage.

A more pleasant memory is a rainy day Paul and I spent together building and maintaining a huge fire. We stripped the local environs of all available fuel and kept the thing going for hours in blazing defiance of a constant drizzle. We also found some natural hot springs to soak in and got to ford several impressive rivers.

When I finally reached the trail's end my mother was waiting with news that while I was gone, Tammy, the confused basset hound I had grown up with, was dead of old age.