Intentional Time Capsule

Voice Card  -  Volume 8  -  John Card Number 15  -  Fri, Aug 25, 1989 3:34 AM

In a recent conversation, Paul raised the idea of making an intentional time capsule (as opposed to the accidental ones we make from time to time - see Vol 8 John 8). It occured to me that this might make an interesting Archipelago project.

My dream is to continue Archipelago for many decades, perhaps even passing the editorship on to younger members as I grow old and feeble. If we can pull this off our voice card conversation will be an extraordinary kind of ongoing time capsule.

But perhaps we could make a special stack expressly designed to serve as a time capsule. Perhaps each of us could answer six or seven questions about current events, our outlook on life, etc. Maybe we could contribute pictures or sound effects or animated greetings or something as well. I could then assemble the whole thing into a stack, put the stack on a floppy disk, and bury it in the Archipelago Archives.

What do you think?