Blind Date

Voice Card  -  Volume 8  -  John Card Number 16  -  Fri, Aug 25, 1989 3:50 AM

Roger and I have come up with an interesting idea. Roger proposed that we develope some kind of computerized personality test that among other things could be used to determine compatibility. I had the happy idea of presenting this test not as a series of multiple choice questions, but as an adventure game.

The subject would begin in a certain room or starting situation with several interesting paths leading off to other rooms/situations with even more exits, and so forth. The subject would roll from room to room like a marble in a maze box making one decision after another until he or she finally emerged into one of a thousand different exit slots. Marbles, that is to say Subjects, who wind up in the same final room slot are compatible (or something like that).

Perhaps the adventure game could be centered around a blind date, with the person choosing different places to go and things to do. Perhaps he could enter a cocktail party and be given the chance to strike up a conversation with one of dozen different types of woman. We may want to construct two complimentary adventures, one for each sex.

Several of you have suggested forming a adventure game as a group project. Does this idea strike anyone's fancy?