Title Font, Konquest, etc.

Voice Card  -  Volume 9  -  John Card Number 17  -  Sun, Oct 8, 1989 12:23 AM

This is a response to Vol 9 Paul 8 ("Another loss")...


First, regarding your complaint about the title font: I was aware of this problem but thought I would delay until the voice card font stablized and/or until someone noticed (it HAD to be you!)

This issue is a little more thorny than it appears because I have to create special fonts not just for the Title Bar but for the index as well. These two fonts would add about 13K to each and every voice volume - a small but annoying increase. The change will also complicate the procedures when exporting cards to files with the P Print command and will affect my plans to tie voice cards to the HECK/ASK stack. NEVERTHELESS, I will get around to it someday, if you insist. Add it to my list *sigh* .

Now then, as for Conquest matters: tonight or tomorrow I will throw together a quick Konquest Brainstorming Journal. I am still reluctant to use Word 4.0 as you suggested, but I must admit that HECK has its problems as well. If need be, we can keep switching formats until we find something we both like. I'll include it with each Archipelago shipment and any of you other members are welcome to peer at this journal and watch us think about our little game.

I will also include another game file. This next one is only level ten, but apparently it proved impossible for a teenage friend of mine (I haven't looked at it yet). As for the August game, I now feel confident of winning, but I haven't QUITE finished the computer off yet.

If anyone else had any questions/comments about any of this, please jump in!